- Cyclist and bike ride support (soigneur) service

Are you planning a charity or sponsored ride, a European tour, an everesting attempt, or simply want to take your club rides to the next level? specialise in cyclist support allowing you to enjoy your ride while we take care of everything else. You pick the routes, the distances, the climbs, and the overnight stops. complements your ride rather than arrange it. You want an adventure, we're here to support it!


The Soigneur (swan-jea) or caretaker is commonplace in Pro Cycling and they exist to make riders' lives easier. At we bring this level of assistance to any ride. We take care of everything you need off the bike so you can concentrate on enjoying your time on it. Our Soigneurs can provide luggage transfer, feed stations, roadside puncture repair, 'Team Car bidons', bike cleaning and on the road repairs.


Luggage transfer
Ever been planning an epic tour and been put off by having to carry everything on the bike with you. Your Soigneur will collect all luggage and transport it in the 'Team car' to your chosen destination each day


Feed Stations
We will set up feed stations along your route at agreed locations so you don't waste riding time looking for a cafe to grab a baguette. Feed Stations can include fruit, energy bars, energy drinks, and water refills


Roadside puncture repair
Your Soigneur will fix all puncture for you meaning you don't have to carry a repair kit or spare tubes. Electric pumps are used for super quick repairs and accurate PSI


'Team Car' bidons
Like all Pro Teams, your Soigneur will provide fresh bidons from the moving Team Car without stopping the ride if you request it


Bike Cleaning
At the end of each day, your Soigneur will jet wash all your bikes. For overnight bookings, your Soigneur will also store all the clean bikes for you


On the road repairs
All our Soigeurs are trained bike mechanics and can offer on the road assistance for minor repairs and more substantial checks post-ride for overnight bookings


Sports nutrition bars, gels, and drinks on our Feed Stations are supplied by Nuun, PowerBar, OTE, Clif and SiS

HOW IT WORKS offered on a single or multi-day tour for up to 8 riders

Your Soigneur will meet you and transport your bikes to a start point if needed
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your Soigneur will rack all your bikes at an agreed time each day before the ride begins so all you are ready to roll straight away.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your Soigneur will collect your luggage every morning and load it into the 'Team Car' so you don't have to carry anything while on the ride
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your Soigneur will set out multiple feed stations along your route at prearranged locations. Water, energy drinks, gels, and fruit will all be available
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your Soigneur can act as a 'Team car' ever-present behind your ride, protecting you from traffic and providing bidons and gels while on the road
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your Soigneur will check you in to your overnight accommodation and have your luggage waiting in your room
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your Soigneur will rack up, clean, and store all your bikes at the end of the day


Feed stations✔︎✔︎✔︎
Roadside puncture repair ✝︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Team Car Bidons✔︎✔︎✔︎
Bike Cleaning✔︎✔︎✔︎
On the road repairs ✝︎✝︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Luggage Transfer✖︎✔︎✔︎
Morning bike racking✖︎✔︎✔︎
Evening bike storage✖︎✔︎✔︎
Bike transportation✖︎✖︎✔︎
Price£450 up to 16 ridersPOA up to 8 riders*POA up to 8 riders**

✝︎ - Inner tubes provided (5 per ride), not available for tubeless and tubular
✝︎✝︎ - simple repairs that can be carried out in under 15 mins
✦ - Accommodation for Soigneur must be provided
✦✦ - Accommodation for Soigneur must be provided. Bike transportation cost depends on the distance from London to the start location


To enquire about pricing for multi-day tours or to book a Soigneur, please use the form below


How to Prepare for a Long Bike Ride
Training should place varied stresses on your body. Don’t just aim to keep completing longer bike rides; incorporate speed and interval work as well. This is where your muscles will push at their lactate threshold. Getting this threshold up is what will allow you to ride faster and further.

Lactic acid is a by-product of our body’s metabolism. When too much of it builds up in the bloodstream, you’ll start to feel sick and get an urge to immediately stop and lie down.

The ‘lactate threshold’ is the point at which your body is creating lactic acid faster than it can be removed from the bloodstream. Your threshold will be determined in part by genetics – but that doesn’t mean you can’t raise it through training. By operating near this threshold, you’ll help your body become more efficient at clearing and buffering lactic acid, and your endurance will improve as a result.

That said, if you’re constantly in ‘long distance’ mode, it’ll take several hours to reach this limit. Intensive training allows us to more easily push against this limit in the sort of hour-long sessions you’re going to be scheduling.

Cycling to work each day is a great way to improve your endurance over time – even if it isn’t long distance. In addition, you could try interval training on a stationary exercise bike. You’ll be able to monitor your heartrate throughout, and more easily keep within the specified range. After a warm-up, do around ten minutes of sustained effort, just under your LT heart-rate (which you can roughly determine in a single session at maximum effort).

Nutrition for Long Bike Rides
What you eat when cycling is vital – especially if you’re in training for a long ride.

You’ll need a varied diet of complex carbs, proteins, fats and micronutrients in order for your body to repair itself between sessions. However, your diet will also provide your body and mind with the energy it needs to get through each session (and this applies especially to the day itself).

On the day of the ride, you’re going to be in the saddle for a very long time. This makes stocking up on complex carbohydrates before you get going essential. This is called ‘carb loading’. The sugars will slowly release into your bloodstream over the course of the race. Pasta dishes are a favourite. Aim to eat around 500 calories of lasagne or spaghetti approximately three hours before the ride (if the start time is early, this might involve getting up at the crack of dawn to get carb-loaded).

In 100 miles, riders can burn through 6000 calories or more. They’ll therefore want to take on board energy and fluids at hourly intervals. Choose something that can be easily eaten while in the saddle. Energy packs are a logical choice and come in a range of flavours; from fruity flavours to things like coffee and mojito.

Pick one that you like and take it with you. The same goes for energy drinks.

You might want to incorporate occasional rest stops, so you can go to the toilet and refill your water bottles. Keep breaks brief, however, as stopping for longer than ten minutes or so will see your legs cool down, which will make it difficult to get moving again.

You should also be sure to conserve enough energy for digestion during the earliest part of the race. If you’ve prepared properly, you may well feel fantastic, but if your pace is too strong to begin with, you’ll be unable to maintain it. The blood will rush to feed your leg muscles, leaving none available for your digestive system - a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

As such, be sure to get started slower than your instincts suggest. For much the same reason, you should avoid eating an enormous meal before you get started - it’s pointless having all of that extra energy available if your body can’t digest it quickly enough!


Rapha Festive 500
Distance: 500km
Route: Anywhere you want
Dates Christmas Eve – Thursday 24th December 2020, to New Year's Eve – Thursday 31st December 2020
On or Off-Road: Either, It's up to you!

The 11th year of the festive 500 could be the best yet with a support single or multiday ride*

North Coast 500
Distance: 500 miles
Route: Inverness circular via John o’ Groats
Days Required: 5 days +
On or Off-Road: On road

The North Coast 500 is a route that travels 500 miles around the Scottish Highlands. It starts and ends in Inverness and has spectacular views along the way. can assist you on evry pedal stroke of this epic adventure

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